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LJ is dead stats 2016!!

So, as per usual, I am taking inventory of my friends list and seeing who posted in 2016. This will be counted as an "Active" journal, even if they only posted once or twice this year.

So regarding LJs on my friends list that have posted in 2016:

I have 305 friends total

27 people posted this year
278 people did not

so 91% of my friends list is inactive.

It was actually a little less than predicted, surprisingly. Last year I thought it would be 92%. I still think most of the people who are here are here to stay. My prediction is next year will be 93% unless I make some more friends.

It was surprising to see some people had updated but I couldn't see it. I can only assume they posted privately. LJ is a good medium for that, I suppose. But it mostly made me wish those people would have posted publicly [or friends only].

That said, I remember an old rant journal had said I had updated in 2015 when I most certainly had not. So maybe its glitched and the number is even more bleak that I know. Who knows!

And, for those who like the past:

306 friends total

32 posted in the last year
274 did not

or, 90% of my friends list is inactive.

304 friends total

38 posted in the last year
266 did not

or, 87% of my friends list is inactive.

312 friends

68 had updated in the last year
244 had abandoned their lj

or 78% of my friends page was dead.

316 friends

93 had updated in the last year
223 had abandoned their lj

or 70% of my friends page was dead.

328 friends

129 had updated in the last year
199 had abandoned their lj

or 61% of my friends page was dead.

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As promised.

Bah. Missed a few weeks I guess. Sorry.

Christmas was nice. Friday I had off and hung out with Osk and Stas which was fun. I really like them and I hope I get to hang out with them more in the new year here. Friday night Z and I went to the opening of Lazarus brewing. Their beers were so-so. Z's family came down on Saturday. We went to St Elmos and had christmas dinner at nxnw. We watched a bunch of tv afterwards, which is boring to me, but I'm really trying here. Christmas day we saw Rogue One. I liked it, but I dont think I liked it as much as other people have liked it. Don't get me wrong, it was good, just not great. I got presents. I listed them in the last entry. My favorite present from Z's parents was that they brought us a bunch of beers from their cruise through the Pacific.

That weekend I took care of Mike and Jenna's cat Lydia. It was nice to escape and just hang out with the cat every now and again.

One of those days I exchanged presents with Sabrina. Josher was in town this week too, so one of the nights I *swore* I was gonna sit down and update, we decided to go out and get food/beers instead. It was nice to hang out with him. I hadnt seen Josher in a while.

Marco was in town this weekend, although I was starting to get a little over-burnt-out on people. We didnt do anything exceptional, really. Get some food, go to the brewery. Play MTG. Oh Gideons party was fun. Marco actually tagged along to that. Gideon got us some beers for xmas which was nice. We watched bad movies afterwards.

New years was p chill. Z was not feeling any non-house parties. We were talking about going to this 80s metal thing at the punk bar, but neither of us were feeling it. Marco found some punk show to go to, but Z and I decided to hang out with Mike and Jenna and drink and exchange xmas presents instead. I think I liked that better than anything else we could have done, though. maybe im getting old.

Thats been about it. Im happy for things to start slowing down again. Im super extroverted, but man after a while I need some alone re-group time. It'll be slow these next two weeks with the nfl playoffs and all. although the 14th i finally get sneaky jesus covered up [huzzah]. i just hope the session doesnt interfere with a packers game.

on to not catch up stuff:

I thought i was cool with changing my last name when I get married, but I'm having serious cold feet about it. I reserve the right to change my mind again, but I think I'm going to keep my name.

stressin bout wedding invites.

stressing about wedding shit in general i suppose

My resolutions:

-be more creative [draw, listen to music, etc etc]
-get a credit card
-keep getting healthy

idk. i dont wanna make a to-do list. i already know some of my plans this year.

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(no subject)

Day 30 → a list of what you got for your winter holiday:
-brewery cups and patches and a koozie
-book about interspecies animal friendships
-cactus socks
-some cool embroidered koozies [mushrooms, zelda]
-cat pin [meow-ntain!]
-triceratops earrings
-beers from pacific islands
-homemade jams
-a basket.
-island lifestyle bracelets
-rainbow makeup with a vulva on it
-packers coloring book
-scratch map [world]
-pokemon moon
-moondust necklace [supposedly from an asteroid]
-gengar plush
-luna and artemis patches
-wet specimen fish that is dyed [i think its a guppy]
-baphomet soap
-art prints [coyote skull and bear skull]
-ugly purse
-dream catcher that was made in china

Day 31 → best moment of the month
Probably maybe PWR? Seeing family was nice, but exhausting.

Now that that's over, real entry soon. Hopefully tonight or so. Sorry.
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two nine

Day 29 → talk about things you are excited for next year

Getting married!! I'm so exited!! :D and hopefully a kickass honeymoon too

no need for a cut anymore:
Day 30 → a list of what you got for your winter holiday
Day 31 → best moment of the month
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Day 28 → your plans for New Years Eve

The last few years we went to my friends aaron and aly's place, but i dont think they're having a party this year. we got invited to a party from one of Z's friends that used to work at adelberts, so i think thats my best bet this year :\

maybe i should throw new years parties instead to prevent this sort of thing.

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(no subject)

fell behind. sorry. here ya go.

Day 22 → new items you’ve added to collections this year

I dont think I collect much. at least not in a true, pure collection standpoint. I collected a lot of books, but i don't collect books because they are books. i get them cuz i wanna read them. in turn, i dont get books i dont want. same with, like, my pokemon action figures. i have lotsa mon, but only ones that i want. idk what else I collect, really. video games?

Day 23 → travel you did this year

I left the country for the first time this year! Iceland and the Faroe Islands was awesome. I dont think I did any other trips worth mentioning. just small ones.

Day 24 → Something which caught your interest this year

i dont really know that anything did. pokemon go, i guess. but i was gonna play anything pokemon themed. i didnt acquire any new hobbies or anything like that.

Day 25 → a photo of you and your family

Day 26 → talk about politics or current events this year

fuck. everything.

Day 27 → 3 goals for next year

-listen to more music. maybe draw more.
-be an adult and get a credit card or something

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it begins.


Friday I met up with my friend Debbie to go do the trail of lights. The lines are always long, and its always crowded, but we've made it a tradition at this point and its nice. Debbie is a fair bit older than I am, but shes really awesome and a wonderful friend despite the generation gap. Afterwards we went out for food and coffee and drinks. She had a blast, and I was happy to get her out and about. It seemed she had an excellent evening too, so alls well that ends well.

Saturday Z and I got some barbecue and got some last minute shopping done for Z's parents. Afterwards, we went to Red Horn brewery/coffee place to catch a drink before going to the Milwaukee Admirals vs. Texas Stars game. Its AHL, so basically minor league hockey, but the Admirals have been my team always. It was nice to get a slice of home in Texas. Admirals DESTROYED the stars, 9 to 1. That night the cold front came through. The day started at 70~something degress when we got into the game, and when we left it was below freezing. We had to bring in all the house plants.

Sunday, first off, the Packers beat the Bears in stunning fashion. But most importantly, Z and I went to see the wedding venue. And it is perfect.perfect.perfect.perfect. AAaaaaand, a date in 2017 opened up. So we have a fucking date. But now it means we actually need to get shit together. 9-16-17. I've finally started finalizing shit and finally getting the gusto to ask krys to be in the wedding. I'm terribly scared she'll say no since shes so busy with her kids and all. idk. we'll see.

Monday I pretty much spent all day baking cranberry bread. I thought I was making 12 loaves but came out with 19. hahaha. I guess there are worse problems to have. I've been making them for my IRL friends that I hang out with, but not enough to get a big present for. I think food is a good way to bridge the gap there.

Well, that about covers it. The last few days I've been cleaning in anticipation of Z's family spending christmas at our place. It should be fun. Almost all the christmas presents are in. Everything is rad. Now I just gotta get serious about wedding planning.
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(no subject)

Day 21 → your favorite websites this year

Maaaaan, I dunno. I spend 8 hours a day looking at the computer. My leisure sites are pretty low. and honest I haven't added a single new one to my daily browsing habits. lj, fb, ig, reddit... thats about it.

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(no subject)

Sorry, I was gonna catch up yesterday, but I was baking all damn night and too tired by the end of it. Guess you all will just have to deal with it :p

Day 17 → something that made you happy this year

Getting engaged! This was probably my favorite thing that happened this year!

Day 18 → your favorite photo this year

I have no good reason for it, but this is my favorite selfie this year. /shrug.

Day 19 → what you learned this year

maaaaaan, i dunno. mostly that the world is full of fcking facsists maybe? that the earth is dying at an accelerated rate? mostly i just learned that i can't change the world, and that feeling is kind of lame. theres so much to fix.

Day 20 → a picture of you taken over 20 years ago

Soooo last time it was over 10 years ago, i picked one 20+ years old. Oops. Here's another oldie:

This was taken before my strabismus surgery, so here I am, a crosseyeed wonder. Nowadays, I'm just a lazy-eyed wonder.

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sick sad world.

Day 16 → something that made you sad this year

fucking politics. the raise of fascism here and over in europe. the sad state of the environment too. The more I look at the statistics, the more I feel I should never have a kid- climate change would probably give them a horrific death somehow. but hey, at least i dont live close to the ocean, eh? the environment is fucked and i feel scared because not all the recycling or composting i do is going to change anything.

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