March 29th, 2017

tank girl pipe

a public entry for once

Ahh a little elbow room.

That weekend was p much what I said it was going to be- nothin much happening. Theresa was gone both Saturday and Sunday until the evening. So I just read a lot and not much else. I got some little chores done around the house. Stuff that I had been meaning to do but kept not doing. I started playing Bastion. Tried playing pokemon again. I'd wanted the time to play for ages now, but when I got to it, I just was bored and quickly turned it off. video games just havent been doing it for me latey. idk why.

Sunday night Z, Lee, and Kate came back from Fish Camp. We all met up with Gideon and Sarah and Black star. it was nice. I sorta said "fuck it" to the diet and somehow didn't lose too much progress with that meal. yay.

Its been p much nothing else all week. Theresa shoots all day but we hang out each night. Its nice to have her around. And Obi too! Obi is such a good dog, but she's becoming so old! Theresa actually left today. Apparently we've known each other for 10! years now! It feels empty now that she left, but I'm glad she was around long enough that we could get some good quality time in.

jeannette texted me asking me questions about 2012 and of course i had to consult the lj. Man, what a trip down bad memories lane.

At any rate, that's about all I got. Here's a survey that I snagged from zhelana:

First real memory of something: I went to get a haircut when I was 4. I was allowed to pick out a bow to buy. It was a big ole rainbow bow.
First Best Friend: Jessie
First real kiss: David. I wrote about it in lj... 2001. lol
First Job: child care at a racquetball club.
First screen name: yahoo- krazy_punk2k4 [or something like that. i fucking forget]
First self-purchased album: I think it was Insyderz - Skallelujah
First funeral: My great-grandma? or maybe great grandpa? i forgot. we went to their now old house. Mom got to keep a toaster. I had to have been 7 or 8.
First pets: We had fish and hamsters when I was real young, but IMO Kitty is the pet that counts. We got kitty when I was 5 or 6. He just went in the house and made himself at home. I remember my brother telling me and me insisting he was lying. But he wasnt, I looked behind my door and there was Kitty! I loved kitty very very much.
First piercing/tattoo: I got my ears pierced the first time when I was 9 or so. Got my first tattoo when I turned 18.
First credit card: I got a debit card... when? I think I didn't get direct deposit and a card until I left for college.
First enemy: Literally everyone in fucking middle school. heh. But Lindsey who beat me up stands out. stephanie H who was a total bitch to me also stands out. fuck them all. [ETA: naw. AUSTIN P. THAT GUY SUCKED.]
First big trip: we did one family trip once, to branson, Mo. It was weird. I was 13 or so and really straddling that kid/adult line.
First play/musical/performance: i was in kindergarten. we were doing a play and i had the hardest line. I still remember it! but i was so embarassed, we hadn't done the reharsal with microphones... and i see a huge sea of people, so i SCREAM into the microphone "The locusts' and katydids' concert hall". Everyone made fun of me.
First musician you remember hearing in your house: Kings X or the Beatles probably.

Last cigarette: Thursday, i think? its a very rare thing.
Last big car ride: What is big? Maybe when we went to San Antonio for the Royal Rumble, but thats only about an hour, hour and a half away.
Last kiss: today
Last good cry: Thursday or Wednesday? I was crying about dad stuff. Z took me for ice cream instead of working out.
Last library book checked out: oh its been a while. lately I just buy books instead of renting them. I know it would have been when I first moved to Austin. I cant remember what I got though.
Last movie seen: I think moana? I don't watch many movies.
Last beverage drank: beer
Last food consumed: eggs and toast
Last phone call made: lol I always text, never call. Last call was on the 3rd to the bank.
Last TV show watched: Smackdown
Last time showered: Monday night.
Last shoes worn: black and white checkered vans
Last item bought: dental work for my cavities.
Last ice cream eaten: chocolate with biscotti and oreos mixed in. pralines on top.
Last shirt worn: tanktops count? i'm wearing a plain brown tank right now.
Last website visited: my lj to check on some of this shit.
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