ROUGHER! TOUGHER! BADDER! (rayefrenzy) wrote,

In which I get to hear an album that doesn't exist.

I had the strangest dream last night.

Or rather this morning. I had gotten up to pee and went back to sleep. I can't remember the start of the dream too much, but I remember being in the studio audience for one of those Late Shows. I think it was Conan. So, the band is gonna play, and they have horns, a trombone, etc, and I'm like "oh is this a ska band? How cool would it be if it was Five Iron Frenzy [my favorite band]?" And it WAS. That's not the weird part though. So, I dream pretty lucidly, and I recognized some songs, while others were ones I had never heard before. FIF hadn't released a new album in a hot minute now, so it was pretty crazy that my brain had just made up all these songs. I remember there was one where there was sort of this audience gimmick where they start basically ... it was like the opposite of crowd surfing [movement toward the back] but with trash. the band started letting go of their trash and the audience helped dispose of it... then the audience started to do it too. It was weird but felt really interactive and spiritual. I remember then suddenly getting a hit of the lucids. Where I became well aware of the fact that I'm definitely dreaming. So I sit down and just sort of take in the music, lamenting the fact that I absolutely won't remember any of it when I wake up. I sat there for a good while. Someone else was there. I don't know if she was a friend, a girlfriend? Something like that. I was leaning on her at some point looking up, still just listening to the music. I was thinking about where the music could be coming from [sometimes outside noises will make it into my dreams]. I was so shocked my brain could make 5+ FIF songs I'd never heard before. Then, suddenly, I got the desire to wake up. It was weird, I knew my dream had to eventually end, but I also wanted to just leave since it was going to end anyway? At least that's one of my theories as to why I wanted to wake up. My other theory is that I wanted to get up before my alarm so I could remember the dream, and maybe even the music. [The shock of my alarm typically makes me forget my dreams]

I got up two minutes before my alarm. No music in the room. It was all from my mind. I can't remember a single song from the dream, of course. But it was a great album and I'm sorry I'll never get to hear it again.
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