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So, its freakin TUESDAY and NOT Wednesday. We'll see if I can get this entry out in time.

Friday night I played pokemon go for, like, 2 and a half hours. Walked 10km. It was a beautiful night, and it had an event and, idk. My regional dex is almost complete. I'm only missing a Muk and an Aerodactyl now. Z worked at the brewery that night, so once I was back and he got home we didn't do much of anything. I mean, we hung out and stuff, but you know.

Saturday Z had his birthday party. Oh I've got a good story for you. So I got up early to get Z's present. Let me tell you, I will *NEVER* not buy online ever again. So I wanted to get Z two things: physical scrabble [so i dont have to have the app] and Moonglow by Michael Chabon [one of his favorite authors]. So, first I go to the local board game shop- only to find out its been closed. Thats okay, Half Price Books is next door. Well they dont have boardgames NOR do they have the book. That's okay, I'll go to Dragon's Lair... Only Dragon's Lair didn't have the board game. So I bought a bunch of shit I didn't need [Munchkin, some comics]. Okay, well Terra Toys is right next door.... .... YOU GUESSED IT. NO SCRABBLE. Now at this point I'm thinking I should give up, but I am so remarkably stubborn. So I go to Walmart. The belly of the fucking beast. and STILL. THEE bustling hub of capitalism has NO SCRABBLE. Instead I buy wayyyyy too many girl scout cookies from the girl scouts selling in front of the store. Okay, so, I go to Target [hipster walmart] and FINALLY they have scrabble. They had only ONE box and its DENTED TO HELL, but I ran off with it.

Who knew we were in a Scrabble drought?

Ran to a bookstore, picked up the book. Went home just before the party started. Buuuuuuut I still wanted to do my makeup so we were late to our own party. ^^;

We started at pinthouse pizza. Ate food and drank. Then we went to Independence brewing and drank some more. I was DD, so I didn't drink too much. There was a taco truck there that was indian fusion. I wasn't even hungry but i got a taco anyway and it fucking ruled. hope to see that trunk around again sometime. Although the dude running it was totally hitting on me. He asked me if i had gone to some metal event at the brewery and I was like naw and he was like "oh you must look like someone else". Of course I mentioned us alternative grrls are a dime a dozen. he had to be like "oh no, youre so beautiful" and im like lol.

After all that, we just decided to hang out at the house, drink, and smoke hookah. I baked a box cake. It was a pretty good time although we bought too many fridge beers. Now I can hardly fit anything in the damn fridge.

Sunday Z and I went to a new brewery called Hi Sign out near the airport. Their beers were all right. We got all the syntax and info for the wedding invites written out. It was mostly painless. Afterwards, we got lunch at east side king and decided to "kill sometime" at half price books before the wwe ppv. first off, this was the worst idea ever- there was a ton of books/comics that we wanted so we spent wayyyy [and I mean wayyy] too much money. But we successfully killed time, I guess [yay?].

Oh, in the parking lot some panhandler asked for change. I was about to oblige when he asked if I had heard of "suicide squad" and I'm like the movie? I don't think? And he was like "yeah they all got their titties hanging out like you n look cool and shit". So that panhandler did not get any change from me :| You think he'd have more social skills since he's talking to a stranger for money.

At any rate, we headed to Tin's for some wrestlin'

So we always have these parties whenever there is a wwe ppv. I'd say overall the entire PPV was really, really good. [Spoiler (click to open)]Leave it to smackdown to always have the surprise wins. I was so happy to see Naomi win and Bray too.

And that's been p much it. This week I'm slowly catching up on all the chores I didn't do while I was sick. While I'm talking wrestling, I saw Raw and [Spoiler (click to open)]I was so excited that Bayley won. I mark out harder for her than anyone else. I think its just a sort of projection thing. But it still makes me super happy

V-day has been ho-hum since Z and I work alternate schedules. I got him some candy. I haven't got anything yet but hes "got some ideas" i guess. We'll see. PWR featured our engagement photos. I was mega stoked about it. Seems people liked em. A good VD post, I'd say :D

Diet's been okay. I'm about to be back down to 130. Now that I know what's obtainable for me, I think 125 is a realistic goal for the wedding. Or, yanno, somewhere around there. My old goal was 120, but I'd have to lose muscle to get it. I thought about losing the muscle I have, but I don't think I want that. I wanna be strong even though i'm smol.

Well, that's about it for life updates.
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