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An uneventful week.

Sorry. I'd been intending on updating, but Z spent the last few nights home sick. I seem to only be able to update when I'm alone and un-distracted. Anyone else the same way?

I've got this fantastic breeze coming from the window by my computer. It really reminds me of the house I grew up in. I'd spend hours at the computer on lj, updating, listening to music, chatting on AIM, loving the breeze. I had a computer with a super loud fan that I was in love with. I miss that computer fan. I betcha I could find old entries from when I was 16 about these same things.

After my last post on Friday Z [I guess since I have so many new pals, Z is my fiance] was still sick. Not to mention I had been starting to get sick. Well I got *spectacularly* sick just in time for the weekend >___<"" It was Z's birthday weekend but we mostly spent it doing nothing.

I got a lot of reading done. I finished I Robot. I was frustrated because [Spoiler (click to open)] I felt like the chapter about the robots that didn't have the first law fully intact TOTALLY opened up a segue about the first two chapters [mainly, though, the first] about the robot that felt it was too smart too obey humans. Like how CRAZY would it have been that the actual 63rd robot had actually escaped, and made another one of the first-law-intact robots take the fall. That robot could have led the revolution from there. God, it writes itself! But instead the last chapter was about robots taking over in a different, more subtle way.. At any rate, the book was very good. Totally worth a read. While its obviously a sci-fi classic, I think anyone into detective novels would like it too.

I'm now onto reading a graphic novel version of Kindred. Its some seriously heavy shit, but perfect for black history month.

I played a lot of Pokemon Moon, although I find myself not playing endlessly like I would when a new pokemon game came out. I guess the same formula eventually gets old? But I don't hate it. It just doesn't captivate me as much as it could. It feels like the amped up the difficulty, though, which is nice.

Speaking of pokemon, they released an Austin map for pokemon go and its been nice to finally fill out my pokedex. I got a hitmonchan and a chansey (of course now they're more common because of the event). On.. Monday, i think it was, there was a Muk that spawned a mile away. I had 13 minutes to make it. Z had the car so I was on foot. I ran and ran and I am not a runner. I made it in 14 minutes and missed him :( Oh well. At least we know I have a 14 minute mile :\

I've also been playing am2r, a metroid 2 remake. Its a fan-made game, but some fans say its their favorite. When I was sick, I basically just shuffled reading, pokemon moon, and am2r.

Oh, while I was sick I finally saw Kubo. The animation was stunning, but the story was a little weak.

Also the super bowl was exciting but maaaaaan fuck the patriots.

I ordered these green tea kit-kats from japan back in DECEMBER. They came *today*. I was gonna include them in x-mas presents, buuuuttt I'mma just eat them myself.

Which is a *perfect* segue into my diet. I thought with the start of the new year I'd crack down on this shit and lose a little weight for the wedding, but the scale hasn't changed [it may have increased a pound even :\ but i know that's whatever] I know it has a lot to do with me and my eating habits. So, at least before the wedding, I've got to get serious. No more ice creams now that I'm no longer sick. More veggies. No salty snacks. etc. etc. While I like eating what I like and just counting calories/macros, I'mma have to be a bit more restrictive before the wedding, especially because I've been over-taking my fat macros real bad all month.

I really think that's about it. I didn't go out or do anything fun or exciting. This weekend should be much better for that. Its been warming up like crazy. Yesterday it was in the mid-80s! February 7th! 80s! But it'll be nice hiking weather.

Oh and I swear to science I'll post those pics soon.
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