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Oh this article has got me all nostalgic and wistful. It made me think of my days of dumpster diving and hell raising. Back when everything felt so much more simpler.

I'm still an anarchist, and I think this article helped me sort of realise why I still am. A part of me always worried it was habit, although I do believe anarcho-communism/anarcho-socialism is still compatible with me life and wants. But I'm not near as militant/angry as I used to be. I would love a post revolution society where i can just be with my friends or raise a family.

but times are dark so we're still fighting. ill fight even if im not in it for the fight.

Of course, after feeling all wistful and hopeful, I look at the news and look at facebook and i feel awful all over again.

god, did you see that stupid thing trump tweeting. basically insinuating that all the major protests against him are either paid protesters, thugs, or "professional" anarchists. How big does your ego have to be that you think literally all those people at those protests are one of these things?

i fear the future. he calls all the dissenters fake news. and then theres that not-real bowling green massacre that kellyanne conway mentioned. you know, real fake news. i feel like i have to constantly fact check everything. its exhausting. none of this shit is normal. everything feels fucked.

not to mention fucking up relations with fucking australia over refugees [which trump called 'illegal immigrants']

not to mention theres talks of ICE doing raids in Austin to deport people. what can be done? what can I do? its enough to pull my hair out.

they say its darkest before dawn, eh?
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