ROUGHER! TOUGHER! BADDER! (rayefrenzy) wrote,

Its been a little busy.

On the 20th we left for Nacogdoches. I thought I was going to at least do some protesting in the afternoon and then go later in the evening, but honestly, since friday, i've mostly just felt... panicky? sad? something? overwhelming sense of impending doom? either way, i felt shitty and just stayed inside. who cares.

That weekend we were in Nac and I can't say anything really happened. Mostly we just watch tv with what I guess I can now call the in-laws. But I got us out of the house a little. At a used book store I found JTHM for 3 freakin' dollars. other than that, not much. We met up with Mari who is basically the wedding planner. We had a lot of good stuff together, and she has a ton of table decor and shit we can use for free. Most everything is coming together on that front.

Sunday the packers lost in heartbreaking fashion. Well, idk, its better to make it obvious you're not gonna win rather than lose last second, i suppose. the superbowl has an obvious face/heel now, which is good. hah.

Monday Z's counsin Matt was crashing with us, with two of his friends Layla and Cheetah. Man, at first I was so pissed. They came in the morning [I thought I had till the afternoon to clean] and I was just, you know, I had just seen the in-laws and now I gotta see more people. But I got over it. They were all super cool and tbqh I didn't even see them that much. They mostly left while I was working which was nice. I was worried they'd hang around.

Tuesday night Sabrina and I went to the drafthouse to see Sailor Moon R movie. They re-did the translation and uncensored it. It is remarkably gay, which, obviously, is great. I mean, Sailor Moon has always been gay, but its always nice to see... i dunno, them un-do they damage they did in the 90s. Afterwards, I asked Sabrina to be in my wedding, which successfully gathers all my bridesghouls. I asked everyone with presents. And some people it went better than others... but Sabrina's went awesomely, mostly because I asked her with a gator head. lol

I've been thinking about my ... bachelorette-or-whatever party and realised basically my entire wedding party is out of town. Sooooooooo idk if i'll have one? or what? or maybe just do a austin-friends bachelorette thing? maybe? idfk. it kinda depressed me to think about.

yesterday was the last night cheetah and layla were around, so I went out with them to Easy Tiger and then we just hung out at the house. It was nice to actually hang out with them when im not in my pajamas just waking up.

god, politics have been depressing, no? seems like we're on day fucking 5? 6? and that clown has had executive orders out the ass. the cutting of sanctuary city funding terrifies me. the fucking wall infuriates me. like, the tariffs are so dumb because americans wind up paying for it anyway. 95% of the US's limes come from Mexico. ugh. it just all pisses me off. I've been depressed and upset. The headlines are occasionally misleading, even from my left-leaning pals. I typically have to be skeptical from usuncut or motherjones or huffpo. i hate feeling overwhelmed. i tend to just default to npr because i trust them and the headlines dont read like fucking clickbait. not to mention all this war on science business. ugh. everything feels pretty hopeless and i feel like i can't do much.

this weekend should be all right. we have the engagement photoshoot. i really need to get invites and a website up and going by the end of feb. sunday we're going to the royal rumble and im hella stoked. it should be a good weekend hopefully. hopefully itll cheer me up.

Speaking of cheerier, I updated my lj layout. It'd been a couple years.

Oh! Does anyone wanna help me pick out wedding shoes? I have a black egl dress and im down between and halp!!

At any rate, that's all I have for now, anyway.
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