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Yanno, I don't have too much to update on, but I'll update anyway.

I'd say most of my unsettled-ness and not-quite-depression has simmered down. Maybe I just pacified it with binge-watching breaking bad. Either way, it helped me settle down a little.

The weekend was pretty uneventful, honestly. Friday night Marco and his friend came up to spend the night. Marco's been spending almost every weekend over here because he hates San Antonio. He's moving soon, thankfully, but I can't help but relate. I was basically living in hell when I was in Round Lake. If I can extend a hand like Jeannette did to me when I lived there, well, I'm happy to do so.

Saturday, I got some false lashes for the engagement photo shoot. I'd always been told how awful false lashes are, but I find them relatively easy to put on and not really noticeable at all. Maybe its because I have large eyes? Idk. But now I'm hooked so who knows, I'll probably have a whole bunch eventually XD I eventually met up with Marco and his friend Sara(h) [i dont know which way she spells it]. Sara(h) seems really cool, although I didn't get to talk to her too much. We ate barbecue and donuts- they got some for me which was incredibly sweet. Both football games were thoroughly meh.

Sunday was more football, of course. Again, not very exciting games, although, as a Packers fan it brought me great joy to see how much we crushed the Giants. Next weekend is the Cowboys and Packers, again. It seems my relationship has to meet this struggle every few years. [Z is a Cowboys fan]. Well, we'll see how it goes this Sunday.

That night Mike and Jenna went with us to get pizza post football. It was nice to see them. They had actually invited us to brunch, but I declined only for mediocre football. We shoulda done lunch. But damn, pizza was good.

Which of course brings me to "omg diet". We finally got back into the swing of working out full time again now that the holidays are over. And I'm back in the decline, but I need to make sure to not make the entire weekend a "cheat weekend" and bring it back to a cheat day. This weekend I all but negated the work I did with donuts and bbq and pizza and such. Oh well. I thankfully have the wedding to motivate me a bit more, so thats nice.

God, speaking of wedding stuff, I've hardly gotten anything done. We really need to make some choices and then start /doing/ things. But I've been *thinking* about stuff a lot and thats what counts... right? [wrong.] Oh well.

Work's been fine although a little overwhelming for no reason at all lately. Maybe I'm just already in need of another vacation. Hah. It'll be okay. I've been filling in for a coworker who has been gone, so I think its that. He'll be back next week so I think the feeling is temporary.

Well, thats all I got.
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January 12 2017, 16:01:21 UTC 1 month ago Edited:  January 12 2017, 16:01:48 UTC

I'm glad you're not rooting for Dallas (or presumably Houston?) because I'm predicting a Patriots/Cowboys superbowl and I didn't want to have to brawl with you on LJ ;)
I've been a Packers fan p much since I was born. I'm from Wisconsin.
Yea for wedding planning! What are you thinking? Destination wedding? Small wedding? Big wedding? My sister did a destination wedding in Mexico that she never regretted and only four people were there, hehe, which I think she preferred but I had my wedding at a local park about 2 miles from my house. :)
It'll be here in Austin [well, a little outside of it] at this place called Casa Rio de Colores. Its pretty snazzy if you look it up in google image search.

I thought about doing a destination wedding, but I still wanted my friends and stuff go come. It should be around 100~150 depending on how many +1s come. its right on the river so we're having a pool party instead of a dance party post-ceremony.