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As promised.

Bah. Missed a few weeks I guess. Sorry.

Christmas was nice. Friday I had off and hung out with Osk and Stas which was fun. I really like them and I hope I get to hang out with them more in the new year here. Friday night Z and I went to the opening of Lazarus brewing. Their beers were so-so. Z's family came down on Saturday. We went to St Elmos and had christmas dinner at nxnw. We watched a bunch of tv afterwards, which is boring to me, but I'm really trying here. Christmas day we saw Rogue One. I liked it, but I dont think I liked it as much as other people have liked it. Don't get me wrong, it was good, just not great. I got presents. I listed them in the last entry. My favorite present from Z's parents was that they brought us a bunch of beers from their cruise through the Pacific.

That weekend I took care of Mike and Jenna's cat Lydia. It was nice to escape and just hang out with the cat every now and again.

One of those days I exchanged presents with Sabrina. Josher was in town this week too, so one of the nights I *swore* I was gonna sit down and update, we decided to go out and get food/beers instead. It was nice to hang out with him. I hadnt seen Josher in a while.

Marco was in town this weekend, although I was starting to get a little over-burnt-out on people. We didnt do anything exceptional, really. Get some food, go to the brewery. Play MTG. Oh Gideons party was fun. Marco actually tagged along to that. Gideon got us some beers for xmas which was nice. We watched bad movies afterwards.

New years was p chill. Z was not feeling any non-house parties. We were talking about going to this 80s metal thing at the punk bar, but neither of us were feeling it. Marco found some punk show to go to, but Z and I decided to hang out with Mike and Jenna and drink and exchange xmas presents instead. I think I liked that better than anything else we could have done, though. maybe im getting old.

Thats been about it. Im happy for things to start slowing down again. Im super extroverted, but man after a while I need some alone re-group time. It'll be slow these next two weeks with the nfl playoffs and all. although the 14th i finally get sneaky jesus covered up [huzzah]. i just hope the session doesnt interfere with a packers game.

on to not catch up stuff:

I thought i was cool with changing my last name when I get married, but I'm having serious cold feet about it. I reserve the right to change my mind again, but I think I'm going to keep my name.

stressin bout wedding invites.

stressing about wedding shit in general i suppose

My resolutions:

-be more creative [draw, listen to music, etc etc]
-get a credit card
-keep getting healthy

idk. i dont wanna make a to-do list. i already know some of my plans this year.

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