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This journal is about 50% "Friends Only".

I've gotten in plenty of trouble for things I've said.

You never know who's reading, you know?

Comment, or just add me, and I'll probably add you back.

Unless you speak a language I don't understand. Sorry, Ruskies.

When I add people I think are neat, I try to leave a comment. But if I couldn't, I might have blind-friended you. Sorry about that. You don't have to add me if you don't want to.
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You seem too fun, I had to add you. My journal contains a lot of colors, nudity, rabbits and randomness.
Done and done, fellow tank girl icon friend :D

Deleted comment

Added ya back! :D
Howdy! I ran across your journal through symbioid and saw from your recent updates you are in Austin and also chronicling the death of LJ (my FL is closer to 95% inactive by now), so I added you.

I am the lead co-creator of a permaculture eco-village just east of Austin in Cedar Creek (out past the F1 track), who is into music, food forestry, and firespinning. I'm constantly tossing mostly useless words into the bitbucket, livejournaling the end of livejournal.

oh d00d. heck yes! :) I added you back :D sounds like we have a lot in common. maybe if we hit it off online we can meet irl :D
Yay awesome! Haven't met someone from LJ irl in almost 10 years. :)
Yeah, its probably been about 10 here as well. hahahaha
Hey we both have pink hair, live in Austin, and hate fascists. Wanna be pals? Adding you so you can see my biz, but feel free to tell me to fuck off if you're not down.
hell yes! I added you back [although my hair is blue now :) ]


January 26 2017, 23:39:46 UTC 8 months ago Edited:  January 26 2017, 23:40:06 UTC

All good! Mine was blue for a looong time. I consider it to be my "natural" color, but I have a really terrific stylist so I've been experimenting with pinks and purples for the last couple of years.
i think yellow or green is my default, but i like to play around
I dig it. My friend Dylan has amazing yellow a lot of the time, and our friend April does this amazing neon-lime with aqua-blue combo.

It's always cool to me how much we can say about ourselves with just hair color.
i added you on ig too. hope im not bein creepy
Haha, nah, not creepy at all. Hell, URL's the same on Facebook, if you're cool with intersectional-feminist ranting and drunken punk show pictures.
i cant say i use facebook much these days.
I should definitely chill on it. Been getting into a ton of arguments lately, I'm sure you can guess why.

On the other hand, today I actually got through to someone, at least a little bit.
Hello. I saw you around 2017revival and was interested in adding you. Purveyors of gender fuckery, unite!
Yay! I added you! :D Feel free to add me back