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Posted [sticky post] on 2024.10.14 at 00:13
Current Mood: awesome

This journal is about 50% "Friends Only".

I've gotten in plenty of trouble for things I've said.

You never know who's reading, you know?

Comment, or just add me, and I'll probably add you back.

Unless you speak a language I don't understand. Sorry, Ruskies.

When I add people I think are neat, I try to leave a comment. But if I couldn't, I might have blind-friended you. Sorry about that. You don't have to add me if you don't want to.

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Posted on 2016.12.08 at 17:29
Day 08 → talk about games this year

i dont think i played a lot of video games this year. I remember we had the mario kart tournament, but i didnt take place in that. ive mostly just watched a lot of games. pokemon go came out, which has been a lot of fun, although hard to play now that its cold. pokemon sun/moon is out too, but im waiting for Z to beat the DS game he's working on before i get it. i probably won't get it till next year.

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Posted on 2016.12.07 at 18:40
Day 07 → talk about music this year

I went to a bunch of shows this year, but not as many as I used to. Saw FIF and MXPX at the start of the year. saw anamanaguchi. saw goto80. saw anthrax. saw conflict and total chaos. i think it was a good year for shows. i saw some bands with Z too, so this isnt an extensive list.

I tried to listen to more music this year, but I failed. I find it hard to listen to music and do other stuff at the same time. so i just dont listen to music much. I did download a lot of new music though! So I'm half way there :P

Maybe 2017 will have more tunes.

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Day 6- December meme.

Posted on 2016.12.06 at 14:00
Day 06 → talk about food this year

FOOOOOD! Well, another year on the diet train, but I've still gotten to eat some great stuff. I think this year we discovered Pieous, which is my favorite local place. Well, semi-local. I had crickets for the first time. The crickets were actually good. I'd like to eat more bugs. I had the best fish ever in Iceland. It was so damn good. I also had Icelandic lamb which was better than any other lamb I've ever had. I surprised Buttons to be my maidsqueeze with a chocolates box. I guess that's food related :) I made my own birthday giant sugar cookie cake that turned out delicious! There was a lot of good food this year.

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December meme~

Posted on 2016.12.05 at 17:00
Meme lifted from zhelana. I have a real post coming soon™, I swear.

Day 01 → a picture of you taken this year

Here is an lj exclusive [very] drunken selfie of me:

Day 02 → your holiday wish list

I want some board games- Munchkin, scrabble, a real chess board. There's a few bits of jewelery I've favorited on etsy too: a chocker, a leather bracelet, this really beautiful moonstone ring. Ill prolly get that ring for myself after the holidays if no one gets it for me.

Day 03 → talk about movies this year

So, this is probably the first year I'd seen a bunch of movies. I really enjoyed Arrival and Zootopia [i thought the martian came out this year, but i guess not. oops] I feel like I saw another movie this year, but didn't like it as much. I can't for the life of me remember what it was though. Oh well.

Day 04 → talk about television this year

So, I don't watch tv-tv per se, but i do watch Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Steven Universe, Sailor Moon Crystal, and Wrestling (Monday Night Raw, Smackdown Live, NXT). wrestlng was fine, although i may cut back to just watching the PPVs eventually. the weekly drama gets pretty stale otherwise. Im pretty sure I discovered Steven Universe this year, which is just delightful, although slow-paced becaus the episodes are so short, and the releases are inconsistent. GoT is like crack for me, and I've been loving reading the books as well. TWD is just ... meh... idk. this season has been a bit better.

Day 05 → talk about books this year

I read a lot this year. Sometimes I wish I kept a list, but I know I'd never keep with it. I know I read the second and third GoT books, Disrupted, Enders Game, Ready Player One, This is how you lose her, and a couple of The Cat Who... books [theyre so bad/theyre so good!]. Comics wise, I probably couldnt even make a list. But the best graphic novel I read all year was The Sandman by Neil Gaiman. The best book was probably Disrupted. it is non-fiction, but really good. Best fiction is probably Ender's Game. I know most people should have read it by now, but I hadn't.

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4 more years!

Posted on 2016.10.07 at 19:00
yesterday was my livejournal's 15th fucking birthday.

i have now blogged about my life in lj more than not. How neat is that?

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Posted on 2016.10.06 at 22:17
Another week. And honestly, again, not much to say.

Thursday I met up with Sabrina, Nick, and Carlos to see Gojira. Afterwards carlos and z and i got drinks. i got pretty drunk and it was nice. the show was good too. although they had, like, 4 different "we're done. JUST KIDDING HERES ONE MORE SONG" it was novel a couple times, but kind of annoying towards the end.

friday night Z was supposed to work the brewery but didnt because he was sick. Same with Saturday, Z didnt work because he was sick still. we didnt do anything either day. but i wanted to hang out with him while he was sick. i mostly read a lot of books. sunday was mostly just football. i think we went out to pokemon go for a little bit at one point- which, at first, i was reluctant to do because i was so bored, but i was glad i had agreed to get out.

see ive been bored lately. and i just dont handle being bored well. and once im there im just of insufferable. oh well. the one thing i havent been bored with is reading. so i've been reading a lot.

October is always weird for me. i dunno why. I have nothing to really be 'blah' about. but i am. maybe im reading a bunch because im being escapist? but there's nothing im running from. A part of me thinks this is because I havent been on a hike or anything since Iceland, really. Its just hard. I havent wanted to go out for just regular walks either. but thats because im bored of walking to the same places all the time. i went on one walk to a new place and i felt much less bored. i just need to walk to somewhere new i guess.

Monday was Skittles vet appointment. Shes doing pretty well. she's gained a little weight so her kidneys are good. shes got some on-set kitty dementia [which i guess really is a thing] but there isnt much to do except treat the symptoms. since its not bad at all right now, its not a worry. she does have a really bad, gross tooth so i gotta get her teeth done again. imma have the appointment in november. putting her under always makes me nervous since shes so old, but im sure she'll be fine.

yesterday i went to the dentist and got my last crown. this one suuuccckkked. basically, they had to numb me 3 times for them to scrape and clean the live tooth. and after removing all the decay there wasnt much left and the nerves were SO SENSITIVE. i cried from the pain each time until the heavy duty numbing worked. Glad thats done with. Apparently, i only have 1 more cavity left until my mouth is finally fixed! But I won't get to fix it till next year. Still, no more crowns and no more root canals. hallelujah.

oh, some vague workshit went down yesterday. nathaniel came by to have a beer. it was nice to talk about it. but i feel shitty about it still.

thats p much it. i think i solidified my wedding party side. but i wanna sit on it for a bit to make sure i like it in a week or so. hopefully soon ill get out of this funk. z's been feeling it too. idk why. its not really the weather i dont think. no good reason, i suppose. hopefully ill feel better soon.

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Posted on 2016.09.27 at 22:54

I wish I could have some sort of super exciting stuff to say. But I don't. But I'll post anyway.

TV dude did, in fact, fix the TV on Thursday. It wasn't a screen issue- it was a board issue. just popped a new board in and BAM- TV.

This weekend was pretty uneventful. Z and I had our anniversary dinner on Friday, which was really nice. We finally went to Hopfields after talking about going for forever. Saturday, Z worked at the brewery and I got my nails re-done, got some new food bowls for Skittles [I read online that plastic bowls can harbor bacteria after a while and its better to use ceramic or metal bowls], and got a pair of exercising pants. The temperature has dropped, so I'm not going to want to wear booty shorts to the gym as often, so I'm slowly getting some more pants. i need to get pj pants too before it gets too cool. After shopping, I picked up Z from the brewery [they had a slow day], and went to hang out with Mike and Jenna. We got some fancyass tacos from a place I hadn't been before and had some beers. It was awesome hanging out again- I hadn't seen them since before we went to Iceland.

Sunday was just football and wrestling. It was nice to see the Packers' offense pick up against the Lions... but it is the Lions. Just hope things keep trending in the positive.

So, yeah, the weather took a super cool spike on us. It was averaging almost 100 and then suddenly its been averaging in the low 80s. I even caught a whiff of Texas Autumn out there. It doesn't smell the same as fall does up north, but I like it just as much.

However, my allergies have been straight shit. I'm allergic to ragweed, so I've been sneezy and groggy and just... I feel like my brain has a layer of snot, you know? I take allergy meds [otc], which make me sneeze a lot less, but I think it makes me just as groggy. I'll be happy when ragweed season is over, which probably won't be for another month. Normally it isn't so bad, but since we've had a lot of rain this year, its afwul.

I've hit 125, but, so my stupid policy is its only 'official' when i hit it on my bathroom scale AND the wiifit scale. but i keep getting it on one but not the other. god. hopefully tomorrow or something. either way, things are going good diet-wise there too, even with going out to eat several times over the weekend. I'm learning out to gauge calories while eating out a bit better, I think.

Thursday is Gojira [yussss]. Monday Skittles goes to the vet. Wednesday I get my crown. should be an eventful-ish week, but not too bad.

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And the rest.

Posted on 2016.09.07 at 23:08
Ahh the other stuff.

So, basically, no timeline for this stuff. just assume this happened somewhere between aug22- through now

I went to the dentist a week an a half ago. And I have an appointment for when I get back from Chicago too. Going to get another filling and another crown. That'll be 3 fake teeth in my mouth. Granted, it was my fault for getting my teeth so broken in the first place. But I think its my last crown... I hope... Naw, Im pretty sure I have more.

So my damn TV broke. Just before football season too >_<. So I call LG. Its still under warranty. And I fill the request for service... 3 days later they call to schedule a technician for a few days later. well dude never comes. i call, they say he'll come tomorrow. dude never comes, they say he'll totally come this time. technician calls me. says i dont have a ticket. i call, LG says i totally have a ticket dont worry he'll come. he doesn't come. i call. they say he'll come. he doesn't come. All of this over the span of a couple weeks. it was the worst.

finally i demand someone escalate this or get a damn manager. because, my god, right? finally they were like, okay, we'll cancel this one, and we'll call you in 3 days to schedule a new one. and im like, oh HELL no. we can schedule it right fucking now for the next available technician. their solution?

they referred me to a guy and said to do it myself.

fuck LG. granted, it was a solution I liked, because not dealing with them as the middlepeople has been a breeze. but still. how crappy is your customer service that your solution is to make me do the work? ugh.

Oh, Brandon came and took his couch. So we have a super empty living room with a random assortment of chairs [office chair, the recliner, and a folding chair. lol] We bought a couch last week. it was 100 cheaper, but wasn't available in the warehouse. So I saved money but we have to go another week or two without a couch. At least we have something to sit on, eh?

I dyed my hair. Its now red fading to orange fading to yellow. The orange has kinda already washed into the yellow though. Boo. It still looks nice though. I like it. I'll probably touch up the yellow eventually.

I went to the pride parade with Sabrina. Actually we were going to be in the parade. But it started at 8. Didnt start moving till 9 though. And I had to pick up Z at the brewery at 10. Uuuugh. So we weren't in it. Oh well. It was interesting just to sort of see everything though. Just annoying and frustrating.

I went to Art of the Brew, which was this sort of thing to showcase how brewing and art scenes go hand-in-hand. problem was, it was free. so the crowd was mostly people wanting free beer. not people wanting to enjoy special beers brewed with the artist. it was pretty crowded and i was there by myself too which is never fun. But I got to try some beers that I enjoyed. specifically NxNW had a grapefruit gose that ruled.

i spent all of labor day just reading comics. and, yanno, remembering the haymarket riots and the fight for an 8 hour work day. but mostly just reading comics which was nice.

its been hard to get back into working out. like, idk, i lost some shoulder muscle and some bicep, so im having to drop reps/weight and its annoying. the TV is broken in the gym, so i have nothing to do while doing cardio. its been hard. im sure ill find, like, a podcast to listen to to entertain me, but id rather watch espn while we work out. ugh. stupid stuff.

and ive been bored with pokemon. i dont mean to be. i just feel like i keep going to the same farming points. and if i dont go to the big farming spots, i come across, like, 2 pokemon in an hour walk. maybe the new update will pick my interest up again.

maybe im just bored with stuff since im no longer on vacation? Who knows.

Luckily, Im going to Chicago this saturday through next saturday. im staying at jpusa, which should be interesting. itll be nice to see all my old family/friends. im pretty excited about it. ill be working the whole time, so hangouts might be strained, but i will make it work :)

Thats about everything I can think of. So I'm officially caught up now.

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Iceland- Part 2.

Posted on 2016.09.04 at 13:19
All right.

Sun 7th.

The day started out pretty dreary. We went to Dettifoss which is one of the most powerful waterfalls in europe. The weather cleared up and we went to Asbergi national park. It was a really neat canyon region that you can hike to the top to. Unfortunately, we had a ton of hikes planned that day, so we didn't really take any of the good, long hikes. We went to the Krafla volcano area, where you can hike up some volcanoes. One even has a lake inside. Unfortunately, up there the wind was piercing. I mean, it was insanely windy and my windbreaker wasn't helping at all. It was cold and miserable and I vetoed the hike. Z agreed so we went to Dimmuborgir which is a lava field with some of the craziest lava formations. It was really nice and I really liked it. We checked out Lake Myvatn that had some neat craters. The lake is typically full of midges, but it was so windy that they weren't around! We checked out the Jon Snow Sex cave, grjotagja, which you sadly can't go in. and found a different volcano, havrfjell, we could hike to the top of. You also get a great view of the lake. It was close to sunset too which was nice. We closed out the day by going to the Myvatn nature baths. Its basically the same thing as blue lagoon, a sulfuric hotspring, but half the price. And oh so relaxing. It was so cold outside the pool. 40 F (4 C) and in the water was just so lovely and perfect.

Its worth noting I caught Z's curse/cold at this point. Booooooo

Mon 8th

We did a lot of driving and relaxing this day. This was the worst day of my cold. We checked out Godafoss before driving out to where we were staying that night. We stayed on this cute farm. They actually cooked food for you too, but you could only pay in cash [we were just using the card]. We decided it wasnt worth it and... MAN I WAS WRONG. it smelled so good. and they made lamb. and waffles! man, I really regret not getting cash. It was still a cute place to stay. We walked around the grounds and met the cows and horses. It was nice. But mostly uneventful. I got a good night's sleep though. And thats important.

Tues 9th

Onto the west fjords! We started off at the museum of icelandic sorcery and witchcraft. It was really interesting. and id say worth the money. I got a shirt for my friend, which was pretty overpriced though. Oh well. At some point we stopped off the side of the road and saw SEALS! Just wild seals hanging out. It was really neat! We got to our airbnb in thingeyri. its a tiny little place, but they had a cafe, so we caught some beers. WE went out looking for a couple of destinations i had written down, but really couldn't find them [turned out google maps was just wrong. hah]. So kind of another low key day with a bunch of driving. which was fine since I wasn't as sick as the day before, but still not feeling awesome.

Oh its worth nothing the roads out in the west fjords are absolutely terrifying. mostly gravel, steep, and no guard rails. which leaves zero room for error when you're trying to stay alive. I was always kinda white knuckling it while we were out there.

Weds 10th

We started out our day by going to the latrabjarg bird cliffs. its probably the western most point in the west fjords. We saw a ton of different birds, but most importantly, I GOT TO SEE A PUFFIN CLOSE UP OMG OMG! It was one of the highlights of the trip. Afterwards, we went to the red sand beaches, raudasandur. Man, it was a mile or more to walk from the start of the beach to the ocean. The red sand is very red. Its very pretty. The roads here were probably the scariest. Last for the day, we went to Dynjandi, which is a beautiful series of waterfalls. We had seen it from the road earlier that day, but it was so huge in person, and it was absolutely mesmerizing.

That night we ate fish at this famous fish place. everyone recommended it and Z really wanted to go. I feel a little bad because its 'all you can eat' buffet style, but I have the tiniest stomach in the history of stomachs. but mannnn the fish was SO GOOD. I haven't had anything so good. Might be some of the best fish I've ever had.

I finally was about over my cold on this day.

Thurs 11th

Out of the west fjords. back to paved roads. First, though, at that cafe in thingeyri, we got waffles with rhubarb jam. Oh my god, Icelanders fucking love rhubarb and I do too. They also like black licorice, which is weird, but goodness, i fucking love rhubarb. I was in rhubarb heaven there. I even had a rhubarb soda, which I wish we had states-side. At any rate, We started at the Shark museum, where we got to try the weird greenland shark meat. Addendum: you can eat whale in iceland. but the whales they hunt are endangered so I refuse to support it. Its mostly tourists that do it anyway. I dont want to feed into that. Greenland sharks are not endangered. At any rate, the meat is super ammonia-y, so if you just eat it, you'll get very sick. So instead they dry it out. In the air. No fire or anything. for a couple of months. It allows some of the ammonia to go away. At first, you almost dont notice it, but the ammonia creeps up on you as you chew till it permeates your sinuses. Its ... not good. hahaha. But it wasn't the worst thing ive ever put in my mouth. That said, I'll eat just about anything.

It was a pretty long drive from the west fjords to olafsvik. We got in that night and met up with other people staying there. They were from Germany. Really nice people. We actually went to one of two restaurants and grabbed some beers together. It was nice to make connections.

Fri 12th

This day we spent a lot of time at the snaefellsjokull national park. Its basically a big glacier. there's a ton of neat formations. We saw some weird lava spires, some more arches in the ocean, and we drove up to the glacier itself. we also went to kirkjufell which is one of the most photographed waterfalls in iceland. its right off the main road, so I'm not too shocked. we tried to see kvernafoss, but it was on private land as far as I could tell and I wasn't feeling like trespassing. But it seemed pretty neat.

I think this night we were gonna share a bottle of the beer we brought with the German folks, but they must have gotten in way later than us. I think I fell asleep reading while I was trying to stay awake.

Sat 13th

I think I'll finish up this entry for the entire Iceland trip. Makes the most sense. This day we started back into Reykjavik. We stopped at Hrunfossar, which is this amazing chain of waterfalls just springing up from the ground. Its just a spring i guess and they all come pouring out into the river. Its crazy, remarkable, and surreal. One of the more interesting waterfalls. We also saw barnafoss, which was going pretty quickly and basically carved out a hole in the rock. It was pretty neat as well.

We went to a brewery- Stedji, It was pretty much the only brewery with taproom hours. because, of course, the brewer was german not icelandic! Their beers were good and reasonably priced. They have a beer thats made with smoked whale testicles. I shit you not. It was ... pretty good! hahaha I guess I may have supported whaling in this way, but I couldn't turn down one of the strangest beers with strangest ingredients. We bought some beer to take home with us.

We also stopped at Glymur, which is a really fun hike to the tallest waterfall in Iceland. Through the hike you get to cross a river on a log, pull yourself up on ropes, and go through a lava cave to get there. It was so fun. And the waterfall was so cool! You could go to the top, however, we kept losing the trail and it was feeling sketchy and I sort of just wanted to go back. So we did.

that night in reykjavik, we caught a beer at the mikkeler bar so we could use wifi and hear from the airbnb since we went there and no one was there... turns out they left the key with the ice cream shop! hahaha

Sun 14th

Last full day in reykjavik. We decided to just do stuff around the city and recuperate. We went to the penis museum, which was pretty great! They had a lot of fish dicks, but tons of novelty penis things. it was fun and worth it. we went back to the airbnb for a bit, and Z wanted to nap. So we pretty much just relaxed for a couple hours there. After that, we checked out that church in the center of the city that everyone photographs. the weather was dismal though and it was terribly windy so we didn't stay very long. We also went to this place called Old Iceland so we could finally get some Icelandic lamb. Man, I've had lots of lamb before, but the lamb there just tastes so good/different/awesome. I loved it. Z and I talked about how they should make lamb chili here. It would be really good, and since its always so cold, chili would be a hit. Turns out Iceland has no chili- I guess we'll just have to move there and start it :P Okay, not really. Although apparently the winters there don't get near as cold as they do in, say, Minnesota.

Monday 15th

Okay, so this day was the day we flew out to the Faroe Islands. And it was a total pain in the ass. Basically we had to wake up hella early and drive the rental car an hour out to the Keflavik [main] airport. Then, we had to take a bus an hour back into Reykjavik because we were flying out of the smaller airport in Reykjavik. Then, we walked to the wrong part of the airport [with our heavy backpacks on our back.] But finally, we got there. We, thankfully, at least, had plenty of time. We flew out to the Faroe Islands! It was a way bigger plane than expected. But I'll save the Faroes for the next entry :)

I'm almost caught up... ish...

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